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Featured Fan

Cassidy is from Pittsburgh, PA. She is a fortunate young lady because of her amazingly supportive family; her Mom Edith, Dad John, older sister Kaitlyn, and younger brother Logan. Cassidy credits her family for her survival and well-being thus far! 

Cassidy has Asperger's Syndrome. She faced ridicule in high school for liking things totally different from other school-age kids. Cassidy was teased for being a Swan Princess fan but never took it personally. Instead, she ignored the criticism and used her love of The Swan Princess to create some amazing art with a friend, for their Senior Project. The art won Cassidy scholarships for college!


 Cassidy just finished her History Teaching major a few months ago, She is now Student Teaching at her old high school! Her dream job, as a History Teacher, is now within reach!

Two years ago Cassidy joined the United States Navy and became an Aviation Rescue Swimmer (AIRR). She was part of a fearless team of emergency responders who put their lives on the line during rescue missions.

Cassidy went to Iraq, and sadly, was severely injured in a surprise attack. After her injury, she had to stay in Iraq for 12 days because there was not a chopper available that was equipped to fly her back to Pittsburgh. Her mom fought hard to get her home as quickly as she could because it was devastating to be injured in a foreign place without her team members, who continued on with their duties. Cassidy was finally transported home by Life Flight to begin a long recovery. She received an honorable discharge from the Navy.

A while into her recovery, Cassidy's family surprised her with a custom Swan Princess Odette keychain and DVD set! 

Kaitlyn hand-made this adorable keychain out of clay.

The gifts and her closeness to her family made Cassidy's recovery much easier.

The Swan Princess was released three years before Cassidy was born and she has watched the movies all her life and always been a fan! 

Since her injury, Cassidy does not go out of her house much and The Swan Princess series has become even more important to her. If there is any character she relates to, it's Puffin! Cassidy is incredibly brave, even after living through a traumatic event that changed her life forever, she usually has "No Fear"! Puffin is Cassidy's sidekick that she took into battle with her and they both survived to show the world their strength. Puffin relates to Cassidy because he was also shot (with an arrow in his wing), and came out of recovery ready to do great things!

Cassidy loves all the Swan Princess movies but her favorite in the series is A Royal Family Tale! It is such a sweet, family-oriented story that really tugs at her heartstrings!

Cassidy also loves playing video games, watching anime, and role-playing.

Cassidy says "My proudest accomplishment thus far in my life...Getting back to my beloved family. I stayed strong in my Naval battle for my health, and because of them, their love got me home. And for that, they are my greatest adventure."

We are grateful to Cassidy for her service to freedom and proud of her resilience and strength. We are honored to call Cassidy a Swan Princess fan!

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