Fan Feature

Fan Feature

Christian is from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He graduated from the performing arts high school, Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy, in 2012.


Christian is a natural performer with charisma in front of a camera and on stage.

He has been blessed with a beautiful soprano singing voice that he shares on his YouTube channel.

Listen to this stunning performance! 

Currently, Christian works in customer service for a clothing brand and is a ballet student at the American Liberty Ballet Academy.

His ballet school has been working on a new live-performance version of Swan Lake. He is hopeful they will still get to perform it this summer since the show was supposed to take place in New York City back in March.   

Christian loves to sing and dance! His dream job is to perform on Broadway and to record music.

He has had so much fun learning the techniques in ballet and looks forward to learning how to dance in pointe shoes in the near future.


Whether Christian is modeling in a casual photoshoot or embodying a princess, he is stylish and graceful!

Another thing that Christian has been blessed with is incredible friendship!

Christian and Joann have been close friends since 2001 and have been a huge support to each other for 19 years!


And they have so much fun together!

One of Joann and Christian's experiences together was attending a cabaret concert known as Broadway Princess Party. It is a touring concert series that features some of Broadway’s original princesses.

The performances included:

Susan Egan, the original Broadway Belle in Beauty and the Beast and the voice of Meg in the animated film, Hercules.
Courtney Reed, the original Broadway Jasmine in Aladdin.
Laura Osnes, the original Broadway Cinderella in the new Rogers and Hammerstein’s version and Co-creator of Broadway Princess Party. 
Benjamin Rauhala, Musical Director and Co-creator of Broadway Princess Party.

And Liz Callaway, the singing voice of Princess Odette and Anastasia! It was amazing to see the original singing voice of Odette perform “Far Longer Than Forever” live on stage.

After the show, they had the honor of meeting Liz!

And they got her autograph on The Swan Princess soundtrack

 It was a magical night!

    Christian grew up watching the original Swan Princess films. His first memory of Swan Princess was in either kindergarten or first grade. His teacher played the film in class and Christian fell in love with it instantly!  Years later Christian rented the Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (the 3rd film in the Swan Princess series). After that, he rented the Swan Princess films whenever his parents were able, but he never got to own them on VHS.

     He loves the characters and animation but specifically loves the music from The Swan Princess. 

    Christian identifies with Princess Odette because she is so kind, loving, loyal to her friends, and true to herself. He loves that she didn't want to be forced into an arranged marriage unless Derek loved her for more than just her beauty and she spoke up for herself. Christian says "Odette is courageous! Rothbart was a powerful and terrible man, but Odette stood up to him. I admire her for that inner strength!"

    Christian has another fun hobby, he collects dolls. Joann bought his first Barbie-sized, collector dolls in 2009. His collection has since expanded to include around 100 of these gorgeous dolls!

    Christian is such a charming Swan Princess fan and we are fortunate that he is part of the Swan Princess family of "superfans"

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    I just had this pleasant smile on my face hearing him sing those high notes! I too have a passion for singing, but there is no way I’d be able to sing in such a high pitch he did!!

    Liam H

    I adore swan princess and love all
    The super fans it is a wonderful thing💕

    Heather Silman

    Go Christian!! He is an amazing soul and embodies everything a disney princess teaches us. He is compassionate, patient and beautiful. Keep rocking on ❤

    Aicha E

    Oh my stars!!! So happy to see my amazing friend Christian featured! He is beautiful in heart, soul and smile.

    Krystal M

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