Joshua Orro

Joshua Orro

February 2019's Favorite Swan Princess Fan

Joshua Orro has been a Swan Princess fan since he watched the first film on Netflix in 2004. He immediately fell in love with it and many of the sequels that followed.

Joshua was born and raised in California. Friends and family describe him as cheerful, friendly, optimistic, and reliable. He is also goal oriented and has achieved his Eagle Scout award.

Joshua loves to serve others by doing internships and volunteer jobs in his community. He enjoys working in customer service jobs where he gets plenty of opportunity to help people. Joshua hopes he will eventually obtain his dream Job in a Disneyland Resort. Those of us at the Swan Princess believe he will, one day, have his dream job because he works hard to get what he wants!

Joshua is a natural stage performer and is always excited when he is cast in a production at Musical Theater Village (MTV). He played multiple roles in A Christmas with Scrooge in December and will be performing in Annie Get Your Gun this month. His friends tell him that he brings something unique to the stage.

Joshua is passionate about movies and shares his opinions in his YouTube blog. His channel includes reviews of the Swan Princess films. Some of Joshua's other favorites are The Last Unicorn, Star Wars, Land Before Time, My Little Pony the Unico films, and anything by Disney, Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki.

Joshua is an awesome support to the goals of The Swan Princess and we are blessed call him part of our fandom!

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Joshua Orro, I’m making a novel about my journey to the wedding of Princess Odette and Prince Derek’s wedding in Honolulu and their honeymoon to Australia!

Nathan Higa

His YouTube channel is MustangPrince!

Nancy Orro

Thanks for featuring me on this website

Joshua Orro

I am your number one fan!

Nathan Higa

I hope Prince Derek and Princess Odette will have a biological son named James Harold.

Nathan Higa

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