July Fan Feature

July Fan Feature

Aimee was born in the northwest of England and grew up there. She has traveled a lot and pursued her hobbies abroad. She is currently back in England but plans to relocate next year, either to mainland Europe, Canada or Cayman. 

Aimee is a software developer/engineer. She absolutely loves her work! Her coworkers are amazing and so supportive of all her nerdy qualities because they fall in the same category!

She also does paid singing gigs on the side, either as princesses or for musical theatre.  She loves to sing Jazz, musical or classical style music.

Aimee's dream job is to one day own land in Canada, where she can foster all old/disabled dogs that no longer have a chance of adoption. She would work to give them the best last years of their lives. She claims that she is more than prepared to be a "crazy dog lady".

Aimee has a lot of hobbies! She loves to try as many new things as possible for example; martial arts, painting, gaming singing, archery, cosplay, dressmaking, and making podcasts. Aimee is adventurous always up to try her hand at something.

Growing up, Aimee knew the Swan Princess films by heart and even had her mum throw together a Princess Odette dress for her. She still loves to sing the songs off by heart. In recent years, Aimee has done some gorgeous photos as Princess Odette. 

She even met up with our Princess Odette spokesperson in the UK, Mia, at the Birmingham Comicon in 2017, to capture this divine moment.

Read more about Mia here!

Aimee loves the character of adult Princess Odette, who is the embodiment of grace. However, she identifies much more with Puffin. She is always thinking positive and annoying people with it. She also considers herself similar to teenage Princess Odette. The playful, silly, one-ups-manship of teen Odette, and always wanting to join the boys, is exactly like Aimee. A perfect mix of tomboy and princess!


Aimee is open-minded and impressionable! She will watch any film once, whether horror or a children's film. We are happy the Swan Princess made such an impression and blessed to have Aimee as a fan!

Take a look at Aimee's YouTube for more about this excitingly interesting Swan Princess fan! 


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