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Featured Fan

Molly was born and raised in a small, historic town in England. She is fortunate to live in such a fantastic place, designated as the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and famous for being a "Wool town". This region of England also includes Gloucester Cathedral, that was used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies. This is a lot of fun since Molly loves the wizarding world!

Molly's health is currently too poor for her to work or complete any school programs. She has a rare condition, called hypopituritsm, which makes daily activities difficult. Molly hopes that she will be able to find a way of making money one day. Her dream job would involve writing and/or children's film and television entertainment. Ultimately, Molly hopes for work that is exciting to her. 

Of the Swan Princess characters, Molly relates most to Princess Odette, because of her kindness. However, she also relates to Lord Rogers for his over-excitement and childlike behavior.

Molly is both visually and verbally imaginative. She spends a lot of time making beautiful graphics and videos using material from The Swan Princess series. She enjoys writing and has had fun blogging recently. Read her Swan Princess blog here!  

Actually, Molly loves to do anything creative! She has been working on blogs about disability. She has been lucky enough to talk to some disabled actors and hearing their thoughts has been really eye-opening. She dreams of creating stories about a disabled princess who children (or anyone with a disability) would be able to relate to. She hasn't discovered many stories portraying disability, especially set in a fantasy world and wants to fill this gap.

Staying active and motivated is something Molly works towards everyday, but often struggles with.

Important side note: Molly is wearing Swan Princess stockings while sitting on her unicycle!

Molly has benefitted from being involved in awareness programs for chronic illness and adrenal insufficiency. She has made a lot of great friends and built a support group.

Check out this single, released last Christmas by charity support group A World With Friends. Molly participated in creating this single and is pictured on the cover.

Her biggest support is her wonderful mother, Rachel! Rachel is also full of creativity and recently published a coloring book in Molly's honor. It includes her amazing drawings, one of them Swan Princess themed.

Here are some other examples of the awareness campaigns Molly and Rachel have participated in:

Stroud News Article:

Molly is also very fortunate to have this adorable furry friend, Belle, in her life!

 Molly is a huge support to The Swan Princess! For over four years she has diligently worked on graphics and videos that have enhanced the Swan Princess fan experience.

Molly described her Swan Princess experience as follows:

"When I discovered the Swan Princess I was at a pretty low point in my life. Due to illness I had had to leave school. I was sleeping most of the day and in a lot of pain. I started making simple edits using editing apps on my phone. I would do a bit, sleep for hours, then wake up and do some more. I had started making edits for a film Director named Colton Tran. He also does some consulting for the Swan Princess and is friends with one of the films' Producers, Laura Young. She told me all about Swan Princess and encouraged me to play with graphics and welcomed me to post edits on social media. I looked up the brand and films and got very excited at all the possibilities of using the sparkly, soppy, princess, fantasy, animation. Making Swan Princess edits gave me something to focus on and gave me the confidence that comes with achieving something, at a time when I felt quite lost." 

You can check out Molly's Swan Princess graphics and videos on her fan pages on Instagram and YouTube

Here are some fun images Molly has made:

The Swan Princess team would like to say thank you to Molly for all that she does, for toughing it out everyday, and for being a part of the SP family!

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Reading this article inspires me! Molly, you truly deserve to be a featured fan. Thank you for sharing your story with the world!


Hello Molly , thank you for letting see all your lovely stories and drawings .will you be publishing more for everyone to enjoy ? Let me know when we can try and raise some money for your epi pen .Hopefully the Nympsfield Soupkitchen could help with that .Bye for now , Ute x

Ute McFarling

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