Nathan Cairns

Nathan Cairns

Nathan grew up and currently lives in the United Kingdom, in Langley. He mainly attended St. Mary’s Primary School and Cardinal Langley High School.

Nat and his family had some misfortune in his youth and were homeless for many years. He recently found out that he has ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum. This explains a lot and Nathan is currently questioning everything he has ever done. Throughout his soul searching Nathan remains a strong survivor with a great attitude and a lot of appreciation for what he has. 

Nat is a creative person who loves music and art! Here he is standing with a piece of his art that includes inspiration from The Swan Princess. 

Nat has been working on writing a book for a number of years and is excited to start a creative writing course that will help him complete the project. Swan Princess, along side with other stories, has been a helpful inspiration to his writing technique. When Nat gets writer's block he plays a game called “How I would Do It…” to get the creativity going again. The game is played by pretending that if he could travel back in time how would he change the ending to favorite tv shows, films, or video games.

Nathan is an animal lover and currently has two dogs. At 10 years old, he and his sister started volunteer work at the local pet shop, where he fell in love with a chinchilla.

A job Nat really loved was a paper route where he and his friend could finish in record time. Then they would spend their saved time contemplating the meaning of existence and discuss theories!

Reading is one of Nathan’s favorite hobbies. He is currently reading the Dark Artifices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. He also loves playing video games. Some of his favorite video games include Spyro the Dragon, Legacy of Kain, and Pokémon. 

Nat loves movie and musical soundtracks. His favorites are the Swan Princess, Bat Out of Hell, Wicked, Rocky Horror, Little Shop of Horrors, War of the Worlds and Avantasia. He is also a fan of Jim Steinman.

His idols include Misha Collins, Castiel in Supernatural. Nathan says "that man is so lovely and he had a very similar childhood to my own, one thing I admire is he uses his platform to try and get fans to do nice things for no reason at all small acts of kindness and what not, I try my best to apply that to my own life as much as possible".

Another of Nathan's idols is Sharon Sexton, a stage actress in Bat Out of Hell. Nat says "she is so lovely and always took the time to chat to me. She has one of the best singing voices on the planet and the character she played in Bat actually managed to shock me with the twist she takes".

Nat's first exposure to the Swan Princess for was a little out of order, but none the less, magical. His mother rented The Swan Princess Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure from the video store and brought it home for Nathan to watch. To this day he can still remember Uberta being kidnapped, Clavius’s catchy rockin’ villain song, and Far Longer Than Forever. The next time his mother rented The Swan Princess it was the original film. This was initially very confusing because they had no idea they had seen a sequel before. 

Recently, Nat bought animated art from his favorite movie in the Swan Princess series, Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure. He almost has this film memorized, word for word.

The evil villain in the third movie, Zelda, has what Nat considers one of the best animated villain songs of all time. He is a fan of Lex De Azevedo, the Composer of the music for the first three Swan Princess films. His music is powerful Nathan and said gives him goosebumps.

Nathan is a lot of fun to have as a Swan Princess fan because he has such a big and entertaining personality. 

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