October 2020 Fan Feature

October 2020 Fan Feature

Swan Princess Act-It-Out Competition Winner Anna Maddalena Capasso from Italy!

Anna was born on July 4th,1992, between Vesuvius and the sea near Naples (Italy), where she still lives. Campania is a magical land kissed by the sun and the sea, full of treasures: masterpieces of art and literature, churches, theaters, and good food. It has given birth to many writers, poets, philosophers, actors and musicians. Unlike what many believe, it is a very open-minded place. Many cultures meet, but tradition is always present.

Anna grew up in a family of artists in the graphic field. Haunted by Puccini's La Bohéme, she started studying opera singing at the age of five. At sixteen she was admitted to the San Pietro a Majella Music Conservatory in Napoli, where she graduated very young in opera singing.

She also graduated from linguistic high school. After studying at the Conservatory, she did many masters classes in prestigious musical academies. She studied with Raina Kabaivanska, and other famous singers.

Anna works as an opera singer. She loves the theater, especially the smell of the theater building. She has taken part in many opera performances, working with conductors such as Daniel Oren. Opera is Anna's life.

Anna wanted to make the eternal music of opera timeless so she decided to start a program called The Eternal Project. On her social networks (in particular on YouTube) you can find all kinds of songs in opera style. Musicals, movie soundtracks, and more modern songs take a new life with the lyrical style of opera and a theatrical interpretation.

Anna has so many passions. She loves cinema, manga, cosplay and doing outdoor sports like swimming, diving, archery, horseback riding and above all traveling! Shakespeare said, "All the world a stage". Anna couldn't agree with him more!

Anna has loved Swan Princess from the first time she saw it in 1995. 1995 is the year the film was released in Italian cinemas. It is also the year Anna's sister was born. What a great year! When Anna and her sister were children they watched Swan Princess again and again in particular to learn the songs.

Anna Fan Feature

They played a game they called 'the fantastic adventures of Derek and Odette.' Anna's sister played the prince and Anna played the princess. They had a lot of fun in their garden imagining great stories. In her winning video, Anna used this same garden as her backdrop. In Italy, The Swan Princess ("L'Incantesimo del Lago" in Italian) is very popular.

Anna identifies most with Odette. Odette is sweet and calm, but her lovely appearance hides a really headstrong and decided personality, just like Anna. And, just like Odette, Anna loves to sing!

Anna loves Tim Burton's movies, Disney classics, the James Bond saga, musicals like "La la land" and "A star is born", romantic movies like "Titanic", "Pride and Prejudice directed by Wright, and "Breakfast at Tiffany's". She also loves thriller movies.

Anna loves reading the classics of literature. 

Anna listens to every musical genre. On her playlist you can find Maria Callas, Lady Gaga, Lin Manuel Miranda, Lloyd Webber, Lana del Rey, the Beatles and more! She loves musicals especially "Hamilton", "The Phantom of the Opera", "Les Miserables", and "Hadestown".

She also really likes anime. Her favorites are "Death note", "Evangelion", "Attack on Titan", "Inuyasha", "Nana" and "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon".

Some fun facts about Anna:

- At the age of five, she fell in love with Robin Hood (yes, the Fox).  She also wrote him a letter!

- She loves to sing in her garden and birds often answer her.

- When she was a child she didn't have a dog, but she had a goose that followed her everywhere and that she walked on a leash! 

- When her mother gave birth to her, she gave a scream so particular that people crowded under the delivery room saying "Does that lady sing opera?" Destiny!?


You can follow Anna Maddalena Capasso on social media at:

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/AnnaMaddalenaCapasso

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_eternal_diva/?hl=it

We are so grateful to have such a talented fan as Anna in our Swan Princess Community. Thank you Anna!

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