September Fan Feature

September Fan Feature

Matt is from California but grew up in both Los Angeles and North Texas, moving around with his mother. He graduated from Hawthorne High in Hawthorne, California, and has since made his way back to North Texas.

Matt has a degree as a paralegal and a license as a cosmetologist.

Currently, he does hair, mostly color. His favorite is coloring shades of blondes and fashion colors like pinks, purples, silver, and blues! 

When Matt is not doing hair he enjoys reading.

His favorite genre is historical fiction. He owns the complete collections of the Dear America series and American Girl series. Matt also really enjoys Philippa Gregory novels, and almost anything relating to Tudor England.

Matt is also a great cosplayer and has recently redone his Odette cosplay. He looks forward to doing historic fashion, which is already in the works. 

He is usually a very sarcastic person but is able to be logical and use facts to make decisions, which was why he pursued a degree in paralegal studies.

Matt has ALWAYS been a Swan Princess fan, ever since the original release. His mother didn’t like it when he watched movies that included magic, but she couldn’t keep him away from Swan Princess. He would watch it multiple times a day if possible.

Favorite scenes were the first time Derek saw Odette transform, the beginning “This Is My Idea” musical score, and the wedding scene at the end because he loved her dress.

When Matt was little, he related to Odette a lot because, like her, he felt trapped in a situation he was dying to get out of. But, unlike Odette, his only way to freedom was to enlist after high school. Now he is living his best life and at the age of 33, he feels like he relates to Rogers more than anyone else, because he is also a sarcastic old man.

Matt enjoys video games, most RPG types like Pokemon or Animal Crossing. He is currently playing a lot of Animal Crossing and Story of Seasons. As for books, he enjoys historic fiction as mentioned earlier, and certain manga when in the mood for comics. Matt also enjoys old animated movies from the same era as Swan Princess and eventually wants to get around to watching the SP sequels that he hasn't seen yet.

Matt has emotional support cats. He has had one of them, Anya, since 2012. She is his baby. She is a 10-year-oldcat. Matt named her after Anya from Anastasia, another favorite movie.

Matt runs the Facebook Group Swan Princess Swanposting. We love Matt and his support of the Swan Princess community. Keep up the great work Matt! We can't wait to see what swanderful things you will do next! 

Read more about Matt here: @winterpincecos

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