August 2020 Featured News

August 2020 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom 

Swan Princess A Royal Wedding, the tenth film in the Swan Princess series was released on digital and in Redbox on August 4th, 2020. We are now releasing a DVD for fans, only available for sale here.

Pre-order yours now!

Watch A Royal Wedding Digitally!

Check out the trailer for A Royal Wedding


Our Act-It-Out challenge is completed. Thanks so much for all of the great entries! This was a lot of fun for our staff and fans! 

See contest details here.

The winner is Anna Maddalena with her remake of "That’s What You Do For a Friend" from Swan Princess Secret of the Castle! It was super cute, really creative and well sung!! Thank you so much!

Anna won a commemorative silver coin set! Not only is it beautiful but the price of silver is on the rise, what a great prize!

Check out her full video below.

Have you seen the Swan Princess live-action concept trailer?

We were asked to provide the trailer soundtrack, an original composition, to fans. In order to put it on the market, it had to have a title. We asked for your title ideas on our Instagram page. The title has been decided:

"Moonlit Transformation"

Watch out on itunes and YouTube for the music to be published in the next two weeks. 

Watch the trailer and hear the music!



Either for school or traveling, the Swan Princess backpack is a wonderful thing to have! Its medium size (15x11 inches) works great for kids or adults. Has 2 mesh side-pockets for drinks and to attach your pin collection.


Q: If Derek and Odette were married and crowned, why are they still called Prince and Princess?

A:  Simple answer? Uberta hasn’t retired yet. With the kingdoms combined, Uberta has the majority rule as Queen over both kingdoms (which now could be a singular kingdom I suppose). Derek and Odette are simply called Prince and Princess until she’s ready to properly retire. Which she keeps saying she will eventually do; but it’s hard for her to let go. She loves being Queen!

Heat Wave in the Kingdom

Dear Diary,

This whole month has been a scorcher! Uberta and Derek think it would be a great idea for us to take a vacation to escape from the heat. However, everyone else in the kingdom had to deal with the heat, so it felt unfair to leave them. Uberta and Rogers left for vacation. Derek and I stayed to run the kingdom. I was pleased to have time for Derek and I to practice ruling on our own. It was also an interesting project to keep my mind off of the heat. After asking around for suggestions to lessen the effects of the hot weather, Lucas had a brilliant idea. Windmills! He proposed we build windmills near the sea so we can have circulating ocean air. I think Lucas has a promising career as our next advisor, once Rogers retires. Of course, we still need to finish building the windmills. I am excited to see them completed. I am hoping they will be a great success! Until then, swimming in the lake sounds lovely to pass the time.

For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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