August 2021 Featured News

August 2021 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

Princess Odette has been busy this month with the Mascot Miracles Foundation!

First was the Mascot Miracles Foundation Light the Night Parade. Car clubs came with lights all over their vehicles and did a parade for the kids Odette rode in their “water chair” they thought it was fitting for the Swan Princess.

Next was the Utah Warriors Rugby Game with Best Seats in the House Foundation for their school supply drive for underprivileged children .

This was a fun one and a bit different. The Mascot Miracles Foundation rented out Cowabunga Bay Water Park so 1300 heroes could come swim and play in the water with the mascots. Odette the SwanMaid or MerSwan (we couldn’t decide which we liked best) made her debut and was a huge hit!
We never thought we would be designing a bird-fish but we were proud of how it turned out!

Finally, Dream Night at the Hogle Zoo with the Mascot Miracles Foundation is always an incredible event. We were stationed at the Africa pavilion helping the kids feed the elephants. It was AWESOME!!!

If you look close at the pictures Odette is rocking her 25th anniversary watch  and her locket from Prince Derek!

You can purchase the watch here!

You can purchase the exact same locket here!

Follow Princess Odette's adventures with the Mascot Miracles Foundation here

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This one about The Hag's Transformation to Bridget is one of our favorites! Derek and Odette's most romantic moments coming this week!

We are sad to see the 2021 Summer Olympics come to an end so we have been enjoying JeanBob's physical training and obstacle course win in the third Swan Princess film. In honor of JeanBob's "olympics" we've created the Olympic Bundle including The Swan Princess: Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure DVD, the Swan Princess commemorative lanyard, a metal to attach to your lanyard (the Swan limited edition pin), and a JeanBob plush toy for $31.99.

Q: How was the title "The Swan Princess" decided?

A: During production the film was called Swan Lake because it was based on the Swan Lake fairy tale. The Swan Lake was a complicated title to have ownership of because so many movies, books and shows have the same title (including, of course, the ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. The production team came up with many options, such as: The Prince and the Swan. 

These titles were then presented to focus groups that had watched the finished movie. The focus groups chose "The Swan Princess". So technically it was an audience driven choice.

Odette Diary Entry:

Dear Diary,

The fashion show is here at last! Last month I spent decorating. I felt the stage just wasn't turning out right. Derek noticed me on my own and asked what was wrong. Derek said he had an idea and to meet him at the venue. When I arrived everyone was there! Speed, Jean-Bob, Puffin, Rogers, Uberta, Alise, Bridget and even Chamberlain! Derek explained that the ‘Swan Princess’  may have been me, but it was because of everyone that it was able to happen in the first place. They had finished their work so fast because they worked together, and they were sorry for not noticing I was struggling on my own. We worked all night on the venue together, giving ideas to add flair to the stage, and, at last, it looked perfect. The fashion show was an outright success, and while we were celebrating the tale of the “Swan Princess”, it really did go to show that we truly wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the help of our friends.

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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