December 2020 Featured News

December 2020 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom

As a thank you to our fans we are running our second annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Enter by the 23rd of December for a chance to win!

The release of the first two episodes of the all-new mini-series, The JeanBob Show (featuring our favorite French frog/Prince) will be releasing this holiday season, on our YouTube channel

Watch for the first episode to release on Christmas Day and the second on New Years Day!

Along the line of the JeanBob Show, have you played Gator Escape?

This exciting game features JeanBob and is brought to you but the creators of The Swan Princess Series. 

Download here!

We would love to see your high score! Send a screenshot to or post it with the tag @swanprincessofficial for a chance to be featured on our social media

We love the new pin featuring Odette, in swan form, delicately perched on Swan Lake.
This beautiful, limited-edition fantasy pin is now on pre-sale here! Only 50 of these exist and will be shipping to customers in January.

Don't miss your chance to own one of them!

The live-action movie poster contest deadline is today, December 20th.

If you still want to enter you have a few hours to do so.

The winner will be announced on Monday, January 4th in the monthly newsletter, on the contest page and on our social media outlets.

Take a look at the entries here, and stay tuned for the winning announcement. The winner will receive an original animated production art cel.


The perfect last minute gift sent straight to the recipients email inbox.

We have holiday themed versions and princess themed versions for anytime of the year that you want to give the gift of the Swan Princess. 


Question: When reviving the brand in 2012, after the initial 3 movies, what was the strategy behind doing a Christmas special to debut the 3D sequels?

Answer: Sony Pictures came to us wanting sequels to release direct to DVD and the biggest component missing in their home entertainment catalog was Christmas themed films. This was in line with the overall family values that we wanted the brand to convey, so we said yes.

However, Christmas films are limited to Christian markets and we have made a point of focusing the subsequent sequels on more international markets so the story is not isolated to any particular subgroups.

Dear Diary,

We had such a lovely time with Lucas’ family this year! Considering Lucas and Alise have been such great friends, we offered his family to come join us for the holiday. Lucas was excited but also asked us to participate in the winter, holiday traditions of his family. Of course, we agreed! At least a week before Christmas, we went to their farm and cottage and experienced their traditions. He showed us what they call ‘Hanukkah’ or ‘Festival of Lights’. As a family, they came together and lit a candle on their vastly numbered candelabra. This is called a ‘menorah’ they display in their window. They said a prayer from a Holy Book they have called The Torah. It was really a beautiful moment. Afterward, the festivities began! His mother prepared ‘latkes’, a yummy fried potato pancake. There were also sweets, sugary fried dough with jelly inside called sufganiyot. The children played a game to win pennies, chocolate coins, and other little goodies. This was played with a dreidel, or a top decorated with symbols. The kids would spin the top and the symbol it landed on would tell them what to do next (if they won or if they lost a turn or if they need to add more goodies to the "pot". This game was some much fun to watch! I had never seen such wonderful traditions and it was so interesting to be told the story of Hanukkah. Time seemed to pass by so quickly! In the blink of an eye, it was well past the kid’s bedtime and we all had to head home. Alise asked if she could come over for the rest of the days since it is an 8 day holiday, and of course, we agreed. I certainly wouldn’t mind this being a new yearly tradition of Hanukkah with Lucas’ family! 


For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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