February 2021 Featured News

February 2021 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom

New Fabric and New Products!

We are excited to announce five new fabric prints, all 100% cotton, now available on our store.

You can buy it here! 

Many new products are being created by Nerdy Novelty Design, with our new fabrics and will be available on the store soon. Here's a little peek at what is coming. 

Check out the Etsy store for Nerdy Novelty Design and take a look at the many products that will be made available in the new Swan Princess prints.

Read all about the amazing Pajama Party that Princess Odette had for her friends at Mascot Miracles. You can also watch the video and do the activities that were enjoyed at the party.

Our fun Hidden Tales search-and-find app game is now available to download in the Spanish language. We're excited to have this game be more accessible to even more Swan Princess fans around the globe!

Download the app here!


We now have our giant Speed the turtle plush toy available for sale in the store. This guy is so much fun!

Check it out here

For size comparison, our resident dog, Roxy posed with Speed.

We now have our fourth fantasy pin in stock! Our first limited edition pin of Princess Odette sold out super fast so we increased the quantity a little for the others. We know there are lots of fans that love these! They are still limited edition so get yours before they are gone. 

In stock, we still have:

Derek and Odette at their first meeting

Queen Uberta

Swan Silhouette

Q: How many years had Odette and Derek been married when they adopted Alise?

A: Quite a few. Swan Princess and the Secret of the Castle took place during Derek and Odette's first wedding anniversary. Later, were the events of the third Swan Princess film. The Forbidden Arts needed to die off in order for them to become the ghost they appeared as in The Royal Family Tale, the fifth film in the series as well as the film in which Alise was adopted. So at the very minimum 2-5 years!

Dear Diary, 

This has been an exciting weekend. This was Alise and Lucas's first Valentine’s Day as a couple. I couldn’t help but pay attention around the castle to see what the lovebirds were up to. They were planning to go horseback riding, but when a storm came in, they had to stay in the castle for the night. Alise had the idea to make dinner together and play some games. However, while I knew this was a date, quite a few of our friends didn’t. Uberta came by to make her ‘famous apple crisp’ as they were cutting apples. Then, in-comes Rogers, wanting to show them a new experiment with corn! 

Later on, when they started to play some games, Speed, Jean-Bob, and Puffin joined in playing cards and a game of charades. It turned into a fun family date instead! It’s always good to find a balance in making time for your partner... Something I wish Derek had learned much earlier on. But he knows now!


For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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