How to be a Good Advisor

How to be a Good Advisor

How to Be a Good Advisor

Just like Lord Rogers!

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An advisor is a person who can give you the very best advice. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and wise knowing much about life. They can teach you and point you in the right direction when you don't know what to do. Lord Rogers is an advisor of both Prince Derek and Queen Uberta. Lets see what makes him so good in the role!


1. A Good Advisor Tells You When To Apologize

An advisor has lived a lot of life and has probably been in the exact same situation you are in before. Because he doesn't want Prince Derek to make a mistake, Rogers begs Derek to apologize to Odette, and explains why Derek should do so. 

2. A Good Advisor Comes Up With Good Ideas

A good advisor knows a situation better than you do yourself. This experienced knowledge helps them think creatively and come up with the best ideas at any given time. Rogers suggests to Derek that they must present the guests with a gift. Derek agrees that its a wonderful idea

3. A Good Advisor Is Sincere Even If It Hurts You

In helping steer toward good decisions, there is no room for mincing words. Rogers says that Derek was rude with Odette. Rogers insists that Derek should think before making any comments. This honest advice is the reason Derek was able to fix his relationship with Odette.

4. A Good Advisor Helps You In Dangerous Tasks

A good advisor never lets you go at dangerous things alone. They always have your back. Lord Rogers helps Derek explore objects left at Rothbart's hideout helping him decide what to do with the dangerous and reactive objects found inside.

5. A Good Advisor Tells You To Keep Calm In Extreme Situations

A good advisor keeps you on the right track to make the best decisions. Rogers urges Derek to remain calm after the kingdom has been attacked. If Derek had panicked, he would have rushed into a plan to protect the kingdom without thinking it through. Lord Rogers helped come up with the best plan to keep the kingdom safe.

6. A Good Advisor Reminds You Of Your Daily Tasks

With so much going on it can be easy for Prince Derek to forget things. Seeing this, Rogers steps in to make sure Derek remembers the most important of his tasks. Lord Rogers reminds Derek that his mother's birthday is coming up and that Odette is waiting for him for dinner.
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