How to be a Good Assistant

How to be a Good Assistant

How to Be a Good Assistant

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Just like Chamberlain!

A kingdom can't run itself and its often more work than a royal family can handle on their own, even if they're as fabulous as Queen Uberta or as magical as Princess Odette or as brave as Prince Derek. Chamberlain is the devoted and multitalented assistant that helps keep the kingdom running smoothly. Lets find out what makes him so good at his job!
1. A Good Assistant is Always Available When the Boss Calls

1. A Good Assistant is Always Available When the Boss Calls

You never know when the royal family will need assistance. Chamberlain is always ready to drop whatever he is doing and run to their side with good ideas and helping hands.

2. A Good Assistant Accomplishes Tasks with Happiness 

Chamberlain loves his job and it shows! Chamberlin gets excited when he knows everyone will come to his extravagant parties that he has worked so hard to plan, and smiles even when the Queen taps his face.

3. A Good Assistant is Polite

First impressions are important as well as, well, every impression after that. Chamberlin is always polite when talking to the Queen. This shows his respect for her and the kingdom as a whole.

4. A Good Assistant Consoles the Boss When Necessary 

Not every day is a good day for a royal family and when the queen isn't happy, the whole kingdom is unhappy. A good assistant can be the emotional support the monarchy needs to keep their decisions level headed and the kingdom running smoothly. In the Queen’s hysteria over being neglected on her birthday, Chamberlin is there for her helping her to feel better.

5. A Good Assistant Accepts Tasks Positively

Not every job an assistant will be tasked with will be their favorite, but it is important to keep a smile on and still perform to the best of ability. Despite feeling nervous, Chamberlin happily accepts the Queen's request to commence the introduction of the princesses at the Ball. And we think he did a fabulous job!

6. A Good Assistant Conveys Messages Efficiently 

A monarch can't make the right decisions for a kingdom unless they know all of the facts about the situation. This means that messages delivered by the assistant are of the utmost importance. Chamberlin runs as quick as he can to deliver the news about the Queen to Derek and Odette. Although he knows his news will be disappointing, Chamberlin is sure to deliver the exact message he was given. This helps Prince Derek make the best plan for rescuing Queen Uberta and his speed in delivering it helps them save her as fast as possible.

7. A Good Assistant Doesn't Get Distracted

While working as an assistant, there are many things going on around Chamberlain at once. It could be easy to become distracted from the job he has been given, but Chamberlin never loses focus on the task. Even when his girlfriend tries to kiss him, he keeps an eye out for Derek's arrival.

8. A Good Assistant is Helpful to Everyone

 Part of assisting the royal family is knowing that by helping them, your job extends to helping the citizens of the kingdom over which they reign. Chamberlain cares for all of the people of Chamberg and takes time to care for them. An example is Chamberlin kindly helping Ms. Margaret to make a donation.

9. A Good Assistant Manages Through Fatigue 

A good assistant often has to work long hours to see a task through. Despite his fatigue, Chamberlin perseveres in waiting for the ship's arrival and promptly blows the horn as soon as he spots it coming.

10. A Good Assistant Knows How to Make a Presentation

 One of the most important jobs of a royal assistant is to announce royal arrivals and festivities with grace and exuberance. Chamberlin introduces with finesse the festival finalists in the music festival showing his skill.





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