How to be a good leader image with Puffin

How To Be A Good Leader

How To Be a Good Leader

A good leader is important in every community, especially at Swan Lake! The ever competent General Puffin sets the perfect example for how to lead others effectively.

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A Good Leader is Helpful

The animal friends are always there to help each other! When trying to escape the castle, Speed gets stuck in the closing door. Puffin and JeanBob hurry back to help him out. 
When Odette can't get into the locked castle on her own, seeing as she was a swan, Puffin opens the window to help. 
A Good Leader Has Teamwork Skills
 During the confrontation with Zelda, in The Swan Princess Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure, Prince Derek works hard to pull a boulder off a ledge, to free Odette the swan. Puffin and Whizzer join in by pushing the boulder from the ledge until in falls onto Odette's cage and frees her. 
During Puffin's genius plan to find Prince Derek for Odette, the animal friends work together, singing the song "No Fear", to steal the map from Rothbart's castle and the Hag guarding it. 
The Hag doesn't let the map go quite that easily though! So Puffin, Speed, and JeanBob demonstrate their athleticism while they play football, baseball, and hockey with the map, to keep it out of the Hag's hands.

A Good Leader Protects Others

 While Derek is out hunting for The Great Animal, he isn't sure what kind of animal he should be looking for. When he sees Odette as a swan he thinks it could be her! He takes aim to shoot the swan with an arrow. To protect Odette, Puffin bravely distracts him by flying into Derek's head. This gives Odette time to begin her transformation and saves her life.
While trying to get the map from the castle, Speed find's himself falling from a high window and begins to pray for safety. Puffin swoops in to catch him just in time before he hits the ground.
Odette as a swan was being chased through the moat by the alligators. Just as one of them opens his mouth to chomp down on Odette's tail, Puffin jumps in to startle and slow the gator, giving Odette the chance to escape.  

A Good Leader Always Has a Plan

Puffin makes the plan to lure Derek to the lake to see Odette transform. He marches back and forth and gives commands to ensure everyone is ready to do their part. 
Puffin thinks through the dilemma of Odette the swan being locked in the dungeon. He realized that the water must have an inlet to the dungeon. He makes a plan to find the hole and bring Odette out through it.

 A Good Leader Has a Positive Attitude

 Puffin massages JeanBob's shoulders and encourages him of his safety and bravery before he has to jump in the moat with the alligators.
Puffin commits to Odette keep the orb away from Clavius with the animal friends in The Swan Princess the Secret of the castle, even if it cost them their lives.
While Speed was being chased by the alligators, Puffin doesn't hesitate to dive into the moat. He gets their attention, with a big smile on his face, by saying "You who, those turtles are tough eating. How about a little white meat, eh? Good for the heart."
 Puffin makes a trip to the dark, scary cellar seem like nothing using his favorite line "No Fear" in The Swan Princess the Secret of the Castle.
Puffin spies the perfect time for JeanBob to jump in the moat, even though it is dangerous, and happily sends him on his way.
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