January 2022 Featured News

January 2022 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

We have loved seeing all of our swanderful fan's New Year's Resolutions on our social media @SwanPrincessOfficial, so this year we at The Swan Princess have a New Year's Resolution of our own!

We will be making more of the Swan Princess pencil art available to fans on our website.

Take a look at the current pencil art on the website 

Our goal is to list at least 50 more scenes of pencil art in 2022. If there is a specific scene you would like to see on the website, email Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com

And keep an eye out for sales on the art throughout the year. We will be moving warehouses by the end of 2022 and hope that we can move less inventory by offering more sales.


Our newest feature film, Swan Princess 11, is in production and is well on its way! While the details of this film are still top secret, we are excited to share how much fun we are having with the music that will be included in the new film.

There are even more ensemble production numbers than in previous films and we can't wait for fans to hear this incredible new music

Our most recent limited edition pin release is the fearless leader, Lieutenant Puffin, buy yours here

We've also been featuring Puffin in our Swan Highlights videos on our YouTube channel.

Check out the Swan Highlights here

This month we are celebrating the birthday of Lord Rogers! He has a zodiac sign of a Capricorn and the garnet as his birthstone.

Capricorns are known for being responsible, disciplined, and excellent managers of both themselves and others. They have good self control and make wonderful leaders. They also tend to have a bit of a know-it-all attitude that can make them condescending and sarcastic. 

Capricorns like family, tradition, and quality in both people and innovations. Capricorns dislike, well, everything at some point. But that is what makes a compliment from a Capricorn so sincere!

The garnet is a stone that represents and attracts prosperity and abundance. Its beautiful deep red color is a powerful stone that can bring good luck in a new job or in reaching your goals.

We think this sounds exactly like Lord Rogers!

Is your birthday in January or do you just like the color red? You can purchase your garnet gemstone locket here

These pins are a unique piece of history to add to your collection! The vintage pins were given out at the 1994 premiere of The Swan Princess. The film held premiere celebrations in three locations: Salt Lake City Utah USA, Los Angeles California USA, and Cannes France in November of 1994.

You can purchase this vintage commemorative pin here 

Question: Do the alligators who live in the moat at Swan Lake have names?

Answer: They do! The original script did not name the gators but the artists who painted them did. The names given to them during production of the film, and written on the model art cels of them, are Skinny and Fatty. We think these adorable names make the "Chompers" even more cute than scary, though we doubt JeanBob would agree!


Dear Diary, 

Another year over, another year begun! It was a lovely New Years Gala. When the midnight bell rang we shared our resolutions, as we do every year. We have this tradition so that we can all encourage each other to meet our goals. Uberta’s resolution was to write a screenplay, Rogers’s was to make at least 6 new inventions by at least June, and Derek’s was to try to make a better work-life balance so he can spend more time with me outside of his princely duties. My resolution is… a bit complicated. The gator’s in the garden’s moat have been harassing my friends, even myself every once in a while. They were originally Rothbart’s pets. Once he was gone for good, I felt bad that they had been abandoned. So I invited them to our kingdom for security along with Bridget. However, over the years, the gators seem to have done more harm than good. Whenever I talk to them about it, they just give me these sweet sad eyes and I just can’t say no!! I plan to think of a way to solve this problem this year! Gosh, am I too nice? How am I going to be a proper queen if I can’t say no to wrong doers?

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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I can certainly understand your dilemma with those gators, Odette. Bridget might know how to tame those guys, with some aid from the Scullions.

Michael Kurland

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