July 2020 Featured News

July 2020 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom 

    The new limited edition fantasy pin design is here! 


    The child version of Princess Odette and Prince Derek from “This Is My Idea” will be sold as a set for $44.99. Only 75 sets made!

    The presale will begin on July 18, 2020. Don’t miss your chance to own these adorable, classic kids!

    For our first limited edition pin design, we had 50 of them made. However, seven of them had to be redone by the manufacturer.

    We sold out during the presale but now have the seven replacements in stock.

    If you missed your opportunity to get this beautiful fantasy piece of Princess Odette, here’s your chance, buy it here!

    Swan Princess A Royal Wedding, the tenth film in the Swan Princess series will be released on August 4, 2020 to digital and in Redbox. 

    Watch the trailer here:

    Two weeks left to enter The Swan Princess Act-It-Out Challenge!

    Enter to win a Swan Princess silver coin collection (all 5 coins a $250 value)

    Make your own acting smackers video of any scene from any Swan Princess film. You can use your own voice or you can use audio from the film as you see Rick doing.
    Email your entry to Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com
    Ends July 31, 2020

    Soft and comfortable versions of beloved characters from the old and new movies. Come in a variety of sizes, perfect for gift giving or collecting! Great for just about anyone, even your pets! 


    Q: What was the relation between Rothbart and King William? Did they know each other outside of Rothbart's attempts to take over the kingdom?

    A:  Actually, yes! There’s a small hint at the beginning of the original 1994 movie, when Rothbart says ‘I’m not through with you yet, Willy”. As well as, King William going easy and choosing to banish Rothbart instead of executing him.  

    The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure DVD Special Features confirms the relationship. In Princess Odette's storytime, she refers to him as her "evil uncle Rothbart". So Rothbart and King William were actually brothers!

    Odette’s Diary Entry: Indoor Festival

    Dear Diary,

    For the most part, peace has been restored to the kingdom. The illness that plagued our kingdom has gone away. Thanks to the diligence of our doctors and the patience of our villagers, until it passed. We held a festival, along with our neighboring kingdoms, Trumbeau and Borromeo. We celebrated life and honored those we had lost during this time.

    We didn’t want to risk any spread of infection so we did a social distance festival. All of our royal friends worked together to make care packages! Everyone wanted to add special items from their kingdoms to the packages. Trumbeau and Borromeo added specialty treats and decorations. Roger’s provided some new inventions he was able to mass produce just in time. I believe he called them ‘party poppers’. They shoot out confetti when you pull the string! It’s so much fun!

    Uberta always says ‘It’s not a party without some yummy snacks!’, so she packed bread, turkey breast and cheese for every single case. I add my own touch by folding the food into swan shaped packages. After all, if anyone knows the shape of a swan, it's me! Alise and Lucas handmade candles. They used tulip petals from his family’s farm to give them some extra color. Our friends, the Scullions, volunteered to weave all of the baskets. They are quite skilled in reed weaving. Puffin, Speed and Jean Bob had the task of assembling the care packages.

    You might wonder what Derek’s job was? Well, he was the one that got to leave the castle and hand-deliver them to every household. It may have sounded easy but he started early in the morning and didn’t get back until nightfall. When he returned it was a joyous time! We could see all the candlelights glowing in the windows of the village. We could hear laughter and music echoing in the streets. It was magical! Even though the circumstances were less than pleasant, I hope we can try to do this festival again next year! 

    For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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    Thanks for that wonderful diary entry Mom!
    Love, Your biological son, Prince James Harold.

    Nathan Higa

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