June 2020 Featured News

June 2020 Featured News

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News From The Kingdom

The long-awaited trailer for the tenth Swan Princess film: A Royal Wedding, has been released.

The film will be coming soon to digital and DVD.

Our beloved Odette Mascot from Mascot Miracles, Ellie Elliott, has been busy keeping up with all of her favorite kids during the quarantine.

She has been doing a live stream series, “Fairy Tale Friday” each week so the kids can participate in activities with her.

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Last month Odette met up with Swan Princess Producer, Seldon Young, for a special social distance parade. The Mascot Miracles families were delighted to see their friends again, from a safe distance. 

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This week Odette was able to participate in donating $200,000 worth of mattresses to families of terminally ill children. She wore her Swan Princess facemask which was a huge hit!.  

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Don’t miss The Swan Princess Act-It-Out Challenge!

Enter to win a Swan Princess silver coin collection (all 5 coins a $250 value)

Make your own acting smackers video of any scene from any Swan Princess film. You can use your own voice or you can use audio from the film as you see Rick doing.
Email your entry to Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com
Ends July 31, 2020

    Take a look at this fun contest entry from the narrator of The Chamberg Daily

    Swan Princess facemasks are now available in two styles, two colors and two sizes! Shop now.

      Q: What on earth is the effect "6.8" during the song, No More Mr. Nice guy??

      A:  Answered by Director, Rick Rich: During production of The Swan Princess in January 1994, there was an earthquake that hit just outside the Los Angeles area, now known as the  Northridge Earthquake. It was a magnitude 6.8 quake that caused extensive damage throughout the area. After seismic analysis, it was downgraded to a 6.7 quake but the number 6.8 had already been included in the film as an inside tidbit to current events! 

      Odette’s Diary Entry: An Unlikely Father
      Dear Diary,
      Last month I got to see a new side of Uberta. This month I got insights into someone else. While my own father passed before I was officially an adult, Derek never had one at all. His father, the King, was slain in battle while Uberta was still carrying Derek in her womb. The King was never able to meet his son. I understand how that feels, since I was never able to know my mother. This Father’s Day, Derek went to visit Rogers. They spent time catching up. They talked man to man, rather than king to servant. Rogers came to the court as a tutor, initially, when Derek was a teenager. Rogers grew attached to Derek, as a father figure. I never really realized it until now but Rogers is like Derek’s stepfather in a way. Its very fitting considering he and Uberta love each other so much. Lord Rogers has always looked out for Derek. Then he took to Alise like his own grandchild the moment she came to the castle. I have considered officially naming Lord Rogers as Alise’s godfather. Perhaps he and Uberta will actually manage to get married and then she can call him grandpa!

      For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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