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We are so excited to release our brand new line of products that we are starting with a 20% off sale, site wide!

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Now $7.00


Vintage Top Handle Purse

Was $100.00
Now $80.00

Crossbody Bags 

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Now $24.00


Was $40.00
Now $32.00

Shop the entire collections here!

Our new products are handcrafted from our new 100% cotton fabric by artisans who are Swan Princess fans, just like you!

These new prints and products are Swan Princess website exclusives. You can't get them anywhere else!

Our latest offerings include:

Bags and Wallets

You no longer have to leave your love of The Swan Princess Series at home! You can take a piece of your favorite films with you wherever you go! We have prints both bold and subtle to fit every personality. If you look close, you can even see the Swan Lake Castle and Odette's swan crown in some of the prints!

You will be amazed at the quality of these products!! The bags and pockets are double and triple interfaced to help the bags keep their shape and look brand new for years! The pockets are reinforced. Hard bottoms and metal feet on our larger bags make sure your things stay safe. The feet keep your bag from scuffing and wearing out.

And you can fit so many things inside! Our product tester (who is known for stuffing her purses to overflowing) has been carrying our vintage top handle bag. She was able to fit a large wallet, three pouches, a key ring, phone, phone charger, headphones, 3 lipsticks, a water bottle, and a book. And its still not even half way full!

Our wallets have ID card windows and plenty of reinforced slots to fit cards, cash, and even a picture of your favorite Swan Princess character! 


Do you love cooking and eating our featured recipes found in our newsletters? Do you know what makes them taste even better? A coordinating Swan Princess apron!

These aprons are machine washable and reversible. The front has your choice of one of our exclusive prints, the back is a matte black canvas. Each side features plenty of pockets to hold cooking tools and recipe cards. The neck strap is adjustable so you can have matching aprons for you and your children! just imagine the adorable "mommy and me" pictures!!



Our 100% cotton scrunchies are good for your hair and GREAT for your style! The elastic inside is gentle but strong for both thick and fine hair. They're the perfect size for you and for the kids in your life too! Our stylists like throwing them in a low ponytail to go with their modern vintage outfits. We can't wait to see how you style them!

We have a new fantasy pin in production. Can you guess what the design will be?

Leave your comments or email us at The first fan to guess the new design will win one of the new limited edition pins when they arrive.

Have you been keeping up with Fairy Tale Friday?

Ellie has had some great adventures as Princess Odette the last few weeks, including face painting, magic tricks and visiting a migratory bird refuge to learn about swans.

Watch her adventures here

We were excited this past month to see one of our favorite animated background artists featured on the Disney Facebook page.

Donald Towns was the Background Supervisor for the original 1994 Swan Princess film and has also painted and designed many of the backgrounds for the Swan Princess sequels. 

He has such an amazing ability to bring animated films to life with his colorful and detailed paintings! We are honored that such a talented craftsman was part of the Swan Princess films!

See the Facebook post here 

Donald Towns now focuses his energy on fine art.

Take a look at his studio here!

This months product showcase is the only original storybook that Swan Princess has published since the nineties, Serenade Song. This book is a labor of love by a gifted writer and illustrator, Evelyn Vicario. 

The book was created before many of the images from the Swan Princess film were available digitally so Evelyn had to create most of them. 

You can buy a copy of this adorable love story here

Check out Evelyn's other projects here.

Q: Is Serenade Song the only book published by Swan Princess?

A: Over the course of time, we’ve actually had several posted!

Swan Princess released a number of small books with the 1994 release of the original film:

The fully illustrated Storybook and Audiocasette published by Sony Wonder and narrated by Corey Burton


Three storybooks titled “The Swan Princess” published by Scholastic. All are adaptations of the film.

Eight activity, coloring and storybooks published by Book Essentials Promotions.

Unfortunately, we don't have stock of these fun vintage products. 

In recent years however we’ve posted Serenade Song, the adult coloring book and Derek’s Journal


Dear Diary, 

I’ve never been more proud of Alise than I am writing this entry. With her getting older, Derek and I have been talking about letting her have more responsibility around the kingdom, and finally putting all of Uberta’s “Princess” classes into good use. Derek and I have given her the role as the village’s liaison. She thought it would be answering letters of problems they had, but we sent her to live in the village so she could properly talk to them and be the official connection between them and the palace. Of course, she had our Duke there to supervise. She seems excited, and keeps assuring us that it will be alright since she grew up in the outskirts as a child. She is leaving in the morning, and I am proud of her for serving with head held high and a positive attitude. Hopefully this will be a wonderful week.


For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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Johnny Yankovich Naveen as frog is copied Jean-Bob.

Johnny Yankovich

Puffin or Rothbart for some strange reason I think the new pin is Rothbart


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