March 2022 Featured News

March 2022 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

The devastating circumstances in Ukraine and Russia have highlighted the needs of some of our wonderful fans in the area, such as Kate and Kristina. We are unable to provide much support with the current restrictions on banking and trade, but we know that the victims of this war, in both Ukraine and Russia, will need support in the future that we plan to help with.

We have started by setting $5,000 aside for the future support of our beloved Swan Princess fans in need. We will also be putting the proceeds of the website sales towards this fund for the next couple of months.

If you make a purchase on the website we will add all that is not used for shipping to the amount we have set aside to help those effected by the conflict.

When we have a means to distribute the funds we will be sure to include the details in our blogs.

Stacey's Amazing Fan Support

 Stacey (Ai Tenshi Misha) is such an incredibly supportive fan of the Swan Princess family! She is an exceptionally talented model and artist! Stacey periodically stuns us with a new gorgeous photo of Princess Odette. She also has helped out with product photos and videos.

Stacey was one of the highlights of our 25th Anniversary party in 2019 in her custom-design Princess Odette dress!

The Swan Princess team can't get enough of Stacey's incredible talents and willingness to support the brand. We really want to show our appreciation and say thank you to Stacey!!

Tales of the Traveling Suit

Swan Princess Producer, Seldon Young is known far and wide for his Swan Princess argyle fashion. As he says "its wonderful to be proud enough of your work to wear it on your sleeve." He loves that the outfit choice has allowed him to have many fun experiences around the world with amazing Swan Princess fans! 

This is one of our favorite photos of the "walking billboard" out and about in Las Vegas.

Sometimes Seldon gets to travel with great company, like Director Richard Rich! 

Swan Highlights

For March, His Royal Highness, Prince JeanBob, is having his best moments from the Swan Princess films highlighted in our Swan Highlights series on YouTube! Check out the first video in the series below and watch on our YouTube channel here!

Daylight Savings Time

This month the clocks at Swan Lake castle "spring forward" for Daylight Savings Time. Did you remember to set your watch an hour ahead? We think this beautiful Swan Princess watch makes loosing that extra hour of sleep a little more bearable. It even has the adorable green JeanBob featured so you won't get pinched on St Patrick's Day!

Purchase your watch here!

This month we are celebrating the birthday of Mister Lorenzo Trudgealong, but his friends call him Speed!

This means Speed is a Pisces in the zodiac and aquamarine is his birthstone.

Pisces is the most intuitive and sympathetic of the zodiac signs and always goes out of their way to make sure everyone around them is happy. They are gentle, kind, and always ready to listen. They are very friendly and selfless.

Because it is so easy for the Pisces to make friends, they are often friends with many different kinds of people with strong personalities. They are the glue that hold these relationships together. Pisces are very tolerant and always willing to help others, no matter the situation; they often neglect their own self-care in the process. 

Aquamarine symbolizes courage and friendship. It can also be used to improve communication skills and encourage quick response.

We think this sounds just like Speed!

Is your birthday in March or do you just like the color blue? Purchase your Aquamarine Birthstone Locket here!

In keeping with our JeanBob theme for March, what better way to bring a little bit of green into your home than with your very own JeanBob plush! We have three super-soft plush options to perfectly capture the many silly sides of JeanBob! They can be purchased individually or as a set

Purchase yours here!

Question: One of my favorite characters in the Swan Princess Series was in the third film, Whizzer! I have been waiting for Whizzer to return to the series but he never has. Why is Whizzer only in one movie and will he be returning?

Answer: We agree that Whizzer was a fun character in the third Swan Princess film. However, neither Writer Brian Nissen, or Director Richard Rich, ever felt a good connection to the character. They have been asked many times if Whizzer will come back and the team has seriously considered it. But Brian and Richard have never been able to successfully incorporate Whizzer into the story again and don't think it will happen in the future.

Dear Diary:

Luckily my sickness has been letting up, much to Uberta’s dismay. As it turns out, I am rather sensitive to certain spices! Ever since these peppers were imported from Southern kingdoms, I’ve been adding them to many of the meals I've cooked. They are spicy but sure do taste wonderful and bring out such exotic flavors in so many recipes.  I’ve personally asked Rogers to see if there’s something he can invent that will allow me to continue enjoying these peppers without feeling sick. Rogers says that he’s more of a physicist than a chemist, but he's going to give it a shot! I look forward to his solution. However, Derek is going to appreciate not eating so much spicy food in the meantime. He certainly does not enjoy it as much as I do!

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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