September 2020 Featured News

September 2020 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom

At the beginning of the month we surprised our fans with a new surprise fantasy pin release. Queen Uberta has joined our pin collection! All of the fantasy pins are limited edition and collectible, so make sure you're adding to your collection as they're released, these beautiful high-quality pins won't be coming back in stock!

Queen Uberta Fantasy Pin Available Here



Rothbart's mischief has been at it again! Due to an unforeseen delivery error, the shipping of our Swan Princess A Royal Wedding DVDs (the tenth film in the series), will be delayed. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We will be getting this magical story shipped to you as soon as possible.

There are still DVDs available for pre-order HERE

The Film is available for digital download HERE

Ellie Shelton from the Mascot Miracles Foundation has been working her magic as Princess Odette this year! Read more about Ellie here

We are proud to announce that Ellie has now joined The Swan Princess marketing team! We’re excited to include her creative personality in our blogs, emails and social media.

Ellie Shelton as Princess Odette

Did you know that The Swan Princess has a fun seek-and-find app game?  Its called Hidden Tales and can be downloaded HERE.

There is a Facebook group for the game where you can see updates and connect with other players. You can find the group HERE. We would love to see you post to tell us what you think of the game. We hope to see you there soon! 

We’re also starting some development for a Spanish version of the app!



 Our product showcase this month is these stylish retro Swan Princess Sunglasses! They are available in seven different colors so there's definitely a shade to match your favorite outfit. As summer turns to fall, make sure to protect your eyes from the rays in style! The sunglasses can be purchased HERE.

Q: (Jace Hilbert) Has Rothbart turned anyone else into animals?

A:  As far as we know, he has not. However, JeanBob would be very quick to make the assumption that it was Rothbart who made him a frog considering what he saw Rothbart do to Odette. A princess into a swan? Most logical sense.

Odette’s Diary Entry: Stormy Days

Dear Diary,

It’s been an interesting few days here in the kingdom. A large thunderstorm has been here for the past week. As much as we’ve looked forward to the rain, the thunder and lightning has been troublesome. We’ve had a few fires start due to the lightning, but luckily with the rain it was easy to contain them. Rogers has been strangely enthusiastic about the storms. Day in and day out he has been dragging different metal inventions outside to collect and use the electricity for things like his Christmas ‘light bulb’. His favorite new invention is something he calls the ‘Rogers Spiral’ to harness the lightning's power. Uberta thinks the name is funny, but I think she is just teasing him. Rogers did invent a lightning rod to keep the lightning away from the kingdom so we can be prepared for the next storm. For all of Rogers eccentric ideas, he really is a genius!


For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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