September 2022 Featured News

September 2022 Featured News


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News from the Kingdom!

  Katye Weiss, a doll maker in Brazil, has made a beautiful Swan Princess Odette Doll!

This is uniquely hand sewn with exquisite detail! Her limbs move, her soft hair is brushable, and her dress looks just like the movie! 

You can follow Katye on Instagram and see all of the other stunning dolls she has sewn here.

Do you think we should offer dolls like these for sale on our website? Let us know on social media @SwanPrincessOfficial or through email at

There is a new Swan Princess Meme Group on Facebook! This fan-created and fan-run group loves to share memes, fan art, and cosplay with each other. You can see some of our favorite memes from the group below.

If you have an account with Facebook, you can find the meme group here.

This month Princess Odette was excited to film for a TV show with the Mascot Miracles Foundation! The episode will be part of a series on BYUTV called Making Good with Kirby Heyborne.

This show highlights volunteer organizations across the United States and the things they are doing to make good in their communities.

This episode will air in Spring 2023. We are excited to see it!

Fun Fact:  the host of the show, Kirby Heyborne, voices some of the ensemble characters in the Swan Princess Franchise!

The show Making Good is available to stream here and you can follow Kirby Heborne on Instagram here

This month we are celebrating the birthday of His Royal Highness (in his own mind) JeanBob!

This makes JeanBob's zodiac sign a Virgo and his birthstone the blue sapphire.

Virgos are perfectionists and are easily fixated by both ideas and tasks. They systematically approach their lives with very linear thinking and an "if this, than that" way of problem solving.

Virgos are hyper aware of details and this makes them very picky about the things and people they keep around them.

Virgos are good at taking complicated jumbles of information onto clear, sometimes oversimplified concepts. They are resourceful and committed friends.

We think this sounds just like JeanBob! And his fixation on getting a kiss to turn back into a prince!

Blue sapphires are associated with royalty and are said to be good for attracting wealth and gifts. Maybe JeanBob should start wearing a sapphire to aid in his "smooching" quest!

Is your birthday in September or do you just like the color blue?

Purchase your gemstone heart locket here!

Part of our vintage collection, we sell the original audio cassette tape of the The Swan Princess soundtrack. This is a fun collectible for ardent Swan Princess fans.

We have less than 10 of these left in stock so make sure to get yours here!

Question: Where did you get the idea and concept of the great animal?

Answer: There are many variations to the story of Swan Lake that have been told over time. In the 1877 version, an owl carries away Odette's crown from the lake, resulting in her death.

Rothbart was an established antagonist in the Tchaikovsky Ballet of Swan Lake and primarily shape-shifted into an owl-like creature. This was carried over into the Swan Princess in the form of a large bird-of-prey.

Flying Fox Megabat

The anatomy of the Great Animal appears to be inspired from the Flying Fox, one of the largest breeds of megabat in the world.

In the behind the scenes featurette, there is some insight into the sound effects used for the Great Animal. An altered lion’s roar, a metal screech, and a higher pitched cry of a raven were the sounds used. 


 Dear Diary,

Can you believe Autumn is here? We’re still having a heat wave so it feels like it’s mid-July! A lot of the farmers have been concerned that the crop will start wilting if this heat wave goes on much longer. We knew it was for the sake of the kingdom’s food supplies, so Derek and I rolled up our sleeves and went to the main farming lands of Chamberg. From our time there, we figured out three things that would help plants from suffering what they call ‘heat stress’: lots of soil, moisture, and shade. I organized a group of farmers to get some barrels we could use to make a syphon to bring more water to the crops, while Derek installed some poles along the farmland. With the help of everyone, Derek strung some cloth between the poles to get some shade relief for the poor plants. It took us about two weeks to finish everything, and then, what do you know, the moment everything is nice and soaked and shaded… it gets cloudy and starts raining for three days straight! I guess it really is becoming fall after all, namely for the unpredictable nature of the weather! 

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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