December 2019 Featured News

December 2019 Featured News

Watch the Video Blog Here! 

Our live action concept trailer has made a splash on YouTube with over 200,000 views and climbing. Thank you for your massive support!

Take a look:

    We have some videos we will be releasing in the next month or two. In conjunction with the concept teaser/trailer, they will include side by side live action/animation and Behind the Scenes at the making of the concept trailer.

    These will give fans more insights to their important questions, such as the color and style of the dress used for the concept trailer, and why the necklace is visible in two different scenes.

    Keep your eye on the YouTube channel for these releases.

    We’ve seen a fun trend on the store lately, fans are buying more of the original pencil art. Especially less well known images, this is a less expensive alternative to own the official art of the Swan Princess movie!

    Shop Pencil Art Here!

    Gator Escape features coming up: you can share your score on Twitter. We are also implementing options you can pay for…

    To play the game with no ads

    To buy the magnetic armor, one of the most powerful skins in the game

    Download the game here!

      New video types coming soon to the YouTube channel in the new year;

      Gator Escape Lets Play - learn some of the tricks of the game and watch us learn too

        Swan Shopping Network - these will feature some favorite products available on the store

          Princess Mystery Box!

          Comes pre-wrapped in our custom Swan Princess box and you can choose the age of who to give it to whether it be child, teen and adult.

          Not only is there official Swan Princess merch but many other items a princess might want. For example, princess toys for a day of play, beauty masks and spa items for a spa day, or makeup equipment and a new case for a makeover day! It’s a complete surprise and for all ages, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

            Two questions and answers this month!!

            Q: Is the Live Action trailer real?

            A: It’s a concept trailer, which means it has not yet been made into a movie. It also means that the style, wardrobe, actors and CGI is not yet written in stone. This is meant to show potential studios and investors an idea of what we would like to create. Think of it like a pilot submission. 

            Many people have, of what it could be. Not much able to nitpick when it’s just a demo, now if we get picked up for production, feel free to nitpick away. We’d love to find a way to make everyone happy.

            Q: Why is the dress in the trailer so different from Odette’s dress in the animated film?

            A: So little of the dress is visible in the trailer and it appears only to be blue. It is actually white for the most part, just like in the animated film.

            For the practicality of filming a live action there will be a need for many dresses. For example, the dress Odette wears to dance with Derek will not be the same as the dress she wears while sitting on the ground with the animals. The dress made for the trailer was meant for long shots on the lake and the transformation. Thus, it is a much more flowing style than one she would wear close up. 

            Odette’s Diary Entry: Christmas Mystery

            Dear Diary,

            I’m a little worried about JeanBob. You see, we decided to have a Secret Santa event in the castle this year to mix things up a little bit. Things went pretty well, Rogers gave me something he calls a ‘sewing machine’, still haven’t figured out how to really use it yet. I was afraid since we had an odd number of people, one of us would be left out, but everyone got something. The strange mystery gift went to JeanBob. It was a small gift with a note that read ‘To Future Royalty’. No one claimed to be the giver but JeanBob was happy to have it nonetheless. When he opened the gift, it was quite a large emerald. It had a strange teal hue. I feel like I’ve seen it before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Either way, Jean Bob was delighted with it! He kept rambling about what sort of jewelry he could make with it or what a fine crown jewel it would be for his princely crown. Derek and I tried to tell him that this seemed pretty suspicious, but Jean Bob was having none of it. He said to us, “Finally someone recognizes ze true nobility zat I am!” He’s been a little obsessed with it, and I’m getting worried. It might just be the Christmas spirit being cranked up full-blast from such a generous gift, but I’m going to keep an eye on him just in case. Perhaps it’ll die down over the season and we’ll find the mystery gift giver. Hopefully!

            For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

            About The Swan Princess

            The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.
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