Swan Princess Fandom at Comic Con

Swan Princess Fandom at Comic Con

The Swan Princess is diligently seeking out fans and supporters of The Swan Princess brand, films and music. 

We have had some great success, and tons of fun, at comic conventions. Last week we had a blast in Salt Lake City!

We started out with four cosplayers, 2 as Princess Odette and 2 as Princess Alise, with The Swan Princess Producer, Seldon O Young.

Prince Derek joined later in the show along with throngs of fans! 


Incredibly talented cosplayers were among the fans that visited The Swan Princess


Check out these die hard fans that dressed up as Swan Princess villains, Rothbart and Clavius!


We are so excited to attend the Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic con October 27-29!

Swan Princess art cels are a favorite attraction of art collectors, animation lovers and Swan Princess fans.

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Our newest officially licensed product - Nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics - were a hit at the show.

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Thank you to all of the awesome fans of The Swan Princess!

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