April 2019 News

April 2019 News

Hello one and all! Welcome to the Chamberg Daily!

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Here we talk about what's hip hoppin' around The Swan Princess series: movie updates, games, coming events and announcements.

We also have a new segment, Q&A corner. This is where we answer questions from you, the fans, about anything Swan Princess related!

And for the grand finale, Odette's Diary! Read all about her adventures in the kingdom, with her friends!

And with that being said, here we go!!

News from the Kingdom

This just in! The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music, the ninth film in the series, will be released in the summer of 2019! 

    Watch the trailer here!

    The original Swan Princess film was released November 18th, 1994 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. There is said to be a red-carpet event to commemorate it. More announcements to come!

    The Gator Escape app has been updated to include two more levels and the ranking system. We’ve also learned some details about new skill that will be added into different skins! For example, the ‘Balloon JeanBob’ will have the ability to float up and squish the hag should she try to get you! 

    Come play for yourself!

    The Swan Princess: Latice Card Game is now available for $3.95.

    Click here to buy yours!


      Don’t forget to visit the Swan Princess, in booth 1223, at the Salt Lake City FanX on April 19th and 20th! Click here for more info, including a chance to win a Giant Speed plush!


        Q&A Corner

        Q:If Odette were to hang out with the Disney Princesses, who would she bond with?” - Paige (Alabama, USA)

        A: What a great question! Hands down, Belle and Tiana.

        Tiana is the most obvious. Like Odette, she is hands-on, adaptive, smart, and quick thinking in tough situations. Talking animals are a common theme for Tiana. We think Tiana relating to JeanBob on a personal, froggy level is a hilarious idea. These two princesses can relate to one another having had similar experiences; being turned into animals against their will and resolving their situation on an adventure with animal friends. Their personalities complement each other very well. Honestly, Tiana could teach Odette a thing or two about standing up for herself and being more assertive.

        Belle was chosen less because of her experiences, and more due to complementary personality traits. Belle is a down-to-earth princess. She is well-read, intelligent, and has no issues with getting her hands dirty She also sees no problem with talking to objects that normally wouldn't talk. Therefore, this girl wouldn’t flinch when JeanBob inevitably started flirting with her. She also understands being forgotten and left for dead by her town. The only reason anyone gave a hoot that Belle was missing was that Gaston, in his petty fashion, was sure he could land himself a beauty. No one believed Belle’s father when he went to get help to rescue her from the Beast. Similarly, the entirety of Derek's kingdom completely gave up on Odette. No one cared enough about either of them to rescue them initially. Not until true love (Derek and arguably Maurice, via parental love) or active malice/pride (Gaston) came into the picture. That's not even touching on the 'forced into marriage by a toxic man' trauma they could relate to, with both Rothbart and Gaston trying to push their respective heroines into marrying them for their own personal gain.

        Aside from that, all three of these princesses share in love of animals, reading, and living a better life after being lifted from a curse.

        If you have a question for the Q & A Corner, email Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com


        Odette’s Diary Entry: JeanBob’s Clover Hunt

        Dear Diary,

        A strange thing happened today! With spring in full swing, JeanBob was back to plotting how to get a maiden to kiss him. His plan this time? A four-leaf clover.  Even though I’m pretty sure nothing would change with his status as a frog, I wasn’t going to turn down a fun clover hunt! Thanks to Alise’s friend, Lucas, we were able to find a vast field of clovers. I had a feeling we would be out in that field for a long while so I came prepared with a picnic. JeanBob was so determined, we were out until well after sunset. Now, here’s where the strange thing happened. Poor JeanBob had lost all hope by this point, having turned over several miles of clovers. We saw a shooting star! JeanBob begged the star to find a four-leaf clover.

        Puffin, always the cheerful friend, encouraged JeanBob to search a little longer. Not even a minute later, Jean-Bob found one!! He was so happy that his wish came true, only to realize that he could have just used his wish to make himself a prince! I told him he’d always be a prince to me and that seemed to pacify him some. I hope that new, lucky charm helps him out. Maybe it will just help him be content with his life as is. Knowing JeanBob, probably not!


        There's a lot of exciting news is hanging in the air!  Stay tuned for our Easter Sale and our next news report!

        See you again soon!!


        About The Swan Princess

        The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.
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