July 2019 News

July 2019 News

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We’ve updated our monthly giveaways! Every month, as usual, we give away something: art cels, toys, jewelry, any other merchandise. Now you can enter the giveaway multiple times by liking our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or watching a video. There are a lot of options for your chance to win. Check back every month to see the prizes and join the giveaway.

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Sick of running out of lives on Gator Escape so quickly? We have a brand new feature to help with that! There is a “Refer a friend” function that lets you invite a friend to play and in turn, gives you more lives! This will definitely come in handy when we get our leaderboard system installed soon!

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    We’ll be in San Jose, California for the Silicon Valley Comic Con August 16th through the 18th! We’ll be having a giveaway for an Orginal Art Cel so come on by, enter to win and say hello to Swan Princess Producer, Seldon O Young.


      Q: Many fans have asked if Swan Princess will ever make another movie in the same style as the first three. Some people ask if we will make another 2D movie and some ask if we will make another hand-drawn movie?

      A: While we can’t actually say yes or no, because the future is always uncertain. It’s very unlikely. When the Swan Princess was made, traditional 2D animation was already a dying art, being replaced by computer-based methods. The original 1994 film was the last fully hand-drawn, hand-painted film to be released in theaters. In the years between the original Swan Princess trilogy and the 2012 Christmas sequel, the number of artists in the industry that were trained to create 2D animation by hand, had drastically reduced. Animators are now taught 3D, computer generated animation methods. 3D animation is more marketable both in production cost and consumer reaction so it makes sense that hand-drawn animation died out. We get a lot of people saying “hey I know some talented 2D artists, why not hire them to do more 2D movies?” Well it’s not that simple. A full length feature takes over 100 full time animators for about 3 years, all of them trained in 2D animation by hand. The first Swan Princess film required around 300 artists to create. This talent pool is no longer available. We feel your agony about this because we love the beauty and simple lines of hand-painted animation. 

      Now there is computer software that creates 2D animation but it is not hand made and would still differ from the quality of the first Swan Princess film. It is possible we will look it these methods in the future but we feel as though our current films are quality products. We still do custom animations and make sure things look expressive and fun, with every new movie we craft our skill just a bit more. All of the talented people in our company work their hardest and make something wonderful, even if it’s not met with a lot of praise from those who prefer the traditional style.

      We never know where the future will take us but on our current path we are likely to stick with 3D animation. Especially because our Director really enjoys it.


      Odette’s Diary Entry: Summer Sickness

      Dear Diary,

      It feels nice being able to write in here again! The last week it has been hard enough to hold a pencil and having the focus to write down words was out of the question. I have had the stomach flu. I’m sure that’s what it was now, but when it started no one knew what was wrong with me. Everything I ate made me sick, and even water didn’t help! On top of it all, it was during King Francis of Yortin’s diplomacy feast. I kept my composure during the event but it was torture to see all of my favorite foods pass by me without being able to take any. Alise, however, had a fun idea of putting little bits and bobs of things I could stomach, like cornbread and mashed potatoes, in a large goblet. She wanted me to have something to eat and still be able to join the toast to the King.

      Every day, Rogers would stop by to take measurement and ask a million questions; my pain number rating, temperature, fluid intake, etc. Then offer some new theories on my condition, and compile some possible remedies for his hypothesis. Some worked out better than others, but even the best ideas didn’t help for too long. I felt so bad, everyone made such a fuss about my illness. There were even some members of the court that thought I might be dying; and honestly, I thought so too for a little while. 

      Then there was Derek, I suppose he’s used to Rogers and his mother’s overdramatic nature so he knew how to handle their intensity in a calm manner. When I was sick, in the very early hours before the sun was up, Derek would stay awake with me to keep me company until I could fall asleep again. He would either read a book he thought I would like or fiddle on a guitar he has been practicing. He helped prepare meals for me and stayed behind a little longer before and after his meetings to talk to me. I almost wish I got sick more often; well not really, but it was nice having so much one-on-one bonding time with Derek like that.

      I’m better now, thankfully, the flu went away on its own over time. Rogers still troubles me about my pain rating and if I am eating the right foods, but Derek is always there to remind him that we are just fine.

      For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

      About The Swan Princess

      The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.
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