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A Royal Wedding Soundtrack Download - Swan Princess

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A Royal Wedding Soundtrack Download - Swan Princess

The original movie soundtrack for The Swan Princess, A Royal Wedding Download. This music is from the tenth film in the Swan Princess series from 2020 and includes 19 original songs.

Tracks included are:

1. In Time
2. Home a Hero
3. Grand Ancestors
4. Cathay Code
5. All About Uberta
6. The Shrine
7. The Swallows
8. Turtle Soup and Puffin Wings
9. Wisdom
10. Spider's Lair
11. Ru and Mei Li
12. Speedball
13. Trapped Inside the Veil
14. False Princess
15. Madame LaCroix
16. Grand Sacrifices
17. Royal Cook
18. Fang Games
19. End Credits


Music created by Artist Point Productions and J Bateman 2020

This soundtrack is not available on CD.

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