February 2024 Featured News

February 2024 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

Movie Night Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the movie night challenge, kirs_10n, who watched The Swan Princess A Fairytale is Born and posted it on social media. She won the Swan Princess backpack!

Happy 70th Birthday Seldon! 


This month Swan Princess Producer Seldon Young is celebrating his milestone 70th birthday! To mark the occasion, we are proud to present a Chamberg Daily issue completely inspired by him! Read on for some of his favorite adventures, products, and which Swan Princess character shares his birthday month!
Don't forget to wish Seldon a happy birthday on social media, @SwanPrincessOfficial, or through email at Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com

Joshua Orro Fan Feature Anniversary

5 years ago we started our Fan Feature blog. Joshua Orro (Mustang Prince) was our first fan to be featured. This month he made this video for us on his YouTube channel to show how important it was to him.
Joshua continues to be one of the greatest fans of The Swan Princess series. Thank you Joshua!

Tales of the Traveling Suit

Swan Princess Producer, Seldon Young is known far and wide for his Swan Princess argyle fashion. As he says "its wonderful to be proud enough of your work to wear it on your sleeve." He loves that the outfit choice has allowed him to have many fun experiences around the world with amazing Swan Princess fans! 
Seldon loves to interact with Swan Princess fans in many countries around the world. This month he spent time with The Swan Princess Band in Thailand. The band is made up of students and is sponsored by The Swan Princess.
Seldon loved hearing them play and dancing along!
He explored the markets wearing the new teal argyle pattern, adding the style to his famous pink Swan Princess argyle wardrobe.
You can purchase the teal fabric here
Seldon even indulged in a local fashion trend: bold novelty socks with Tokone (the creator of The Swan Princess tights and leggings). Its wonderful to see The Swan Princess integrated into fashions around the world!
Happy 70th Birthday Seldon! Here's to many more swanderful years to come!

This year at The Swan Princess we have been working hard to move all of our inventory into a brand new warehouse! Preparations for this have included organizing all of our art cels and pencil sketches for easier transport and storage. As we have been sorting through the incredible animation museum that is our warehouse, we have found some really incredible and unique pieces of Swan Princess history that were just too swanderful to not share with our amazing fans! Therefore, we would like to proudly present our new series:

Awesome Things We Found in the Warehouse Today!

When talking about The Swan Princess, Producer Seldon Young loves to talk about the themes of transformation and the line "its not what it seems", that much more can always be found under the surface.
We love these animation cels from the scene by Swan Lake when Rothbart asks Princess Odette to marry him. He uses the power of the Forbidden Arts to transform the dress she is wearing into a wedding gown. Though the piece of animation looks like a flash transformation, every phase of the dress changing had to be animated to make the transformation smooth and seamless.

It starts by shortening the sleeves and adding a translucent chiffon overlay.

The shoulder pieces sharpen next as her tiara appears along with a feather detailed peplum at the waist. Her belt and the brooch fastening have disappeared as well.

Its almost there! The feather epaulettes and peplum are growing, the waistline has dropped into a basque, and her shoes have turned white.


The transformation is complete and we see the complete wedding dress! The feathers have fully elongated, the fluffy ballgown has settled into a gathered A-line, gems adorn the tiara, and the chiffon illusion neckline and sleeves appear. We love the detail in these art cels and think that any of the transformation stages would make a gorgeous dress in and of themselves!

You can purchase these one-of-a-kind swan princess art pieces, or another pencil sketch or art cel by emailing odette@swanprincessseries.com

When asked what his favorite Swan Princess product was, Seldon says he has too many favorites to name. However, this wallet is high on the list! It comes in his favorite argyle along with 6 other exclusive Swan Princess patterns. He loves that it is spacious enough to hold all of the essentials while being small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket.

The bifold wallet is handmade by NerdyNoveltyDesign and can be purchased here.


Its Puffin's birthday in February!
That makes his zodiac sign an Aquarius and his birthstone the amethyst.
 Aquarius are assertive and love to be the ones to make plans. They love evidence and facts; they are always looking for truth, justice, and fairness. They are analytical which makes them led more by their heads than their hearts. 
Aquarius are not afraid to be themselves. They are unique and a bit eccentric. They always say what they think and can be very flowery when they speak. Their biggest dislikes are stick-in-the-mud type people who don't want to go along with their plans.
Amethyst is considered the most powerful and protective stone. It is used to have control of one's own thoughts and mindfulness and can also protect against fearful feelings. 
We think this No Fear attitude sounds just like General Puffin!
Is your birthday in February or do you just like the color purple? Purchase your amethyst gemstone locket here.

Question: In how many countries around the world is The Swan Princess known?

Answer: Producer Seldon Young likes to talk with fans about this fact and is proud to say that The Swan Princess has been distributed in 109 countries worldwide. No wonder he meets Swan Princess fans everywhere he goes!

Dear Diary:

The search for Bromley is on! Since we hadn’t heard from him in so long, I thought we’d need to start from scratch, but eventually we did find some letters from Bromley to Derek from a couple years ago. It seemed that in a few months before we found Alise, he went on a “quest” of his own. He sent some souvenirs from his travels, but the letters stopped after a year or so. While he could be anywhere at this point, we at least have some idea which direction we went in and some tales that we could ask people. This sounds like a real mystery in the making! When the weather gets warmer, I think we might try to follow his trail!   

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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