We Will Be At The Following 2019 Conventions

Aug 16-18 -- Silicon Valley Comic Convention, San Jose, California

Sept 5-7 -- FanX Fall Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah

Past Convention Highlights

Orlando MegaCon 2019

Salt Lake City FanX Spring 2019

Salt Lake City 2018

London 2018

Boise 2018

Portland 2018

Salt Lake City 2017

Los Angeles 2017

Birmingham 2017

Seattle 2017

Salt Lake City 2016




FanX in Salt Lake City, Utah 2018

Congratulations to Melinda, the winner of the animated art cel giveaway! 

She won a cel of Roger as he says "You should write a book, how to offend women in 5 syllables or less."

Producer, Jared F. Brown, joined us for a few hours on Saturday and signed collectibles for fans along with Producer, Seldon O. Young.

Jared was able to meet our friend and Swan Princess fan, AJ, who visits us filled with compliments every year.

 Little Adventures, the designers of our amazing Princess Odette costume dress, dropped by wearing some of their other beautiful designs.

 The highlight of the show was Kat, a Swan Princess fan who custom made a Princess Odette doll as a gift to Seldon. Thank you Kat, the doll is superb!


The greatest picture taken goes to this incredibly excited fan! 

Take a look at our 2018 Swan Princess Cosplay Contest

Isn't this perfect? Two of the best non-Disney princesses together! Next year we hope to get Thumbelina too.

Thanks to Jessica for another successful year as Princess Odette!




The MCM Comic Con in London, England 2018

Congratulations to Shakira, the winner of the Princess Odette dress giveaway.

An incredible fan of The Swan Princess, Harry Moorcroft, spent some time with us at the show and was inspired to create an entertaining video: 

Watch it here

The photo booth was a lot of fun:

We couldn't go wrong at the Olympia, what an amazing building!

Fans in London loved talking with Producer, Seldon O. Young. This fan went so far as purchasing The Swan Princess stockings and having them signed by Mr. Young!

We missed having Mia (Princess Odette in the UK) join us in London due to a family emergency. We wish her family the best!

Mia is a fabulous contributor on The Swan Princess' path to big dreams. We are so lucky to have her on the Swan Princess team!


Wizard World in Portland, Oregon 2018

The convention debut of the Princess Mystery Box was a great success and a lot of fun! 


Some gorgeous Princesses on Parade attended the Portland con!


We were SO excited to see Harriet again, what an delightful fan!


Wizard World in Boise, Idaho 2018

Congratulations to Keihla, the winner of our Princess Odette dress giveaway from the Boise, Idaho Wizard World Comic Con.

The Swan Princess booth at the Boise show was in a great spot for fans, right at the entrance!


We met the sweetest fans. The people of Boise left the impression of being the greatest listeners on earth! They heard all of our stories and dreams about what to do with our unique brand with patience and support.

Click here to watch Seldon O. Young talk about some of his goals for The Swan Princess!

We were excited to reunite with Matt Asboe, one of our favorite cosplayers and a talented voice actor!

We saw other brilliant cosplayers!

And got to watch stage performances by Keely Madison.

The highlight of the show for us is the amazing reaction of fans to our original animation art. After storing The Swan Princess collection for over 20 years, and almost destroyed more than once, we really enjoy sharing this amazing piece of history with fans! The Swan Princess was the last fully hand-drawn, animated film to be released in theaters.

Check out the animated cels here:


 FanX in Salt Lake City, Utah 2017

We have had some great success, and tons of fun, at comic conventions. We had a blast in Salt Lake City!

We started out with four cosplayers, 2 as Princess Odette and 2 as Princess Alise, with The Swan Princess Producer, Seldon O Young.

Prince Derek joined later in the show along with throngs of fans! 


Incredibly talented cosplayers were among the fans that visited The Swan Princess.


Check out these die hard fans that dressed up as Swan Princess villains, Rothbart and Clavius!


Comic Con in Los Angeles, California 2017

The Swan Princess team had a great time with fans at the LA comic con.

One of the highlights was when Maleficent (Kitty Antix) serenaded us in Swan Princess style.


Swan Princess Producer Seldon O. Young determined to share the original animation pieces with fans.

Cosplayers Prince Derek (Colton Tran) and Princess Odette (Tiffany Roper) pose with fans.

Buy the Princess Odette dress here!

Swan Princess Director Rick Rich was able to join us for his first Comic Convention experience. Artists, Rick Farmiloe (the animator for Puffin) and Steve Gordon (the animator for Odette) both stopped by to visit also.

Harriet was the most determined of Rick Rich's fans. She brought her gorgeous fan art with her and waited for Rick to arrive. Then it was hugs all around!


MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, England 2017

Introducing Mia Swan as Princess Odette at the 2017 MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, England. Mia had fun while gracefully portraying the Princess for fans. 

Mia was thrilled to meet so many wonderful Swan Princess fans, take pictures and give out some sweets.

Mia also got to participate in the traditional Comic Con "Princesses On Parade"


Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington 2017

The Swan Princess Family had a great time at Emerald City Comic Con.

Swan Princess Film Producer, Seldon O. Young, gave autographs, chatted with fans and met some fascinating princesses!

Princess Odette Cosplayer, Jansen Young, explained her favorite piece of Authentic Swan Princess art countless times to interested fans, including these two magical Hogwarts students. 

Thanks so much to our fans who visited our booth! We appreciate the energy our fans bring! One of the first things Swan Princess Fans say when they see us is, "OMG, my childhood!"  We appreciate the love and send it right back to you!

FanX in Salt Lake City, Utah 2016

What an exciting week The Swan Princess has had! 

September 1st was the beginning of Salt Lake City Comic Con and the day The Swan Princess released the new soundtrack for Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today! We are so proud to have Macy Kate performing the song "I'll Be Your Star" on the soundtrack. Macy has impressed everyone at Swan Princess Partners with her talent and poise. 

The vocalist that performs "A Pirate Today" as Princess Alise, Olivia Bateman, was able to join us at SLC Comic Con, along with the backup vocalist, Taylor Bateman. Everyone enjoyed signing the new CD for fans!

Buy the soundtrack here for only $4.99!

From Left: Eric Olsen (Executive for Swan Princess) Taylor Bateman in Little Adventures Odette dress, Olivia Bateman as the Pirate Alise, Seldon O Young (Producer).

There were many lovely ladies dressed as Princess Odette this week. We were lucky enough to have the new, adult version of the Odette costume created by Little Adventures.

This is the beautiful dress in the middle.

Buy it here!

Along with Prince Derek and some gorgeous ladies as Princess Odette are the two men that make up Swan Princess Partners, Producers Jared F. Brown and Seldon O. Young.


We love visiting conventions all around the world and meeting our wonderful fans!