Hag Bridget Art Cel – The Swan Princess

Hag Bridget Art Cel

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Original Art: hand-painted, animated cel of the Hag/Bridget from the classic film, The Swan Princess. Painted on celluloid paper with acrylic paint. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

We can honor requests for character size, position, facial expression, etc. If nothing is specified, a cel will be chosen for you.

Art cels can be signed by Producers (Jared F Brown and Seldon O Young) and Director (Richard Rich).

A mat can also be ordered if you would like your cel matted prior to shipping.

Backgrounds are not included. Original background art is not for sale but a color copy can be included by request. 

The average cel is 12x16". Color models are 8x10". Some sequence have significantly large cels.

We have hundreds of thousands of Swan Princess cels and can not post pictures of all of them. Due to the extensive size of the archive, specific requests will lengthen shipping and delivery times. We are constantly organizing and including more images of the cels on the store. If you don't find what you want send us an email at Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com.