Pencil Art Princess and Footmen (Sequence 16-17) | Swan Princess – The Swan Princess

Pencil Art Princess and Footmen (Sequence 16-17)

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Original Hand-Drawn Pencil Animated Art

Swan Princess Pencil Art Princess and Footmen (Sequence 16-17). Original Pencil Art: hand-drawn pencil art from the classic film, The Swan Princess. This is Sequence 16 Scene 17, footmen greet the carriage and help the Princess down as she arrives to attend the ball. 

Pencil art was used in film production, the outlines were Xerox copied onto cellophane paper for painting. Pencil art was also used as a guide for color and position during the painting process.

There are many pencil drawings available in this sequence that have not yet been included in the product photos.

Authentic Pencil Art Features:

• Each pencil art cel measures 16" x 10.5" (40.64cm x 26.67cm)
• Each authentic pencil drawing is securely shipped in a reinforced padded envelope

Special Instructions:

Please specify in the notes of your order the numerical code on the pencil art you want. With original art, the first number represents the sequence, the second number the scene and the third represents the frame number. Please select the number of the frame you want in the 'Special instructions for seller' area within the shopping cart. There are more available options in this sequence that have not been included in the product images. Contact Princess Odette if you do not find what you are looking for, or if you have questions or comments about the Swan Princess Original Hand-Drawn Animated Pencil Art.

More Information:

Do you know how animated films were made before computer graphics? Read all about the Animation Production Art process.

Before computer animation, every frame in animation was drawn by hand. 24 frames are required for one second of film. Most full-length, animated films required around one million drawings, including storyboards, backgrounds, pencil drawings and acrylic-painted cels.

All Swan Princess original hand-drawn animated pencil art cels were created by artists in our Burbank and Hollywood studios in the United States.

Optional Mat

You have the option to add a mat to the original Swan Princess production art prior to shipping. Pencils are matted in 4-ply mat board with backer board and placed in a resealable plastic bag - ready to frame, hang and enjoy!

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