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Nathan grew up and currently lives in the United Kingdom, in Langley. He mainly attended St. Mary’s Primary School and Cardinal Langley High School. Nat and his family had some misfortune in his youth and were homeless for many years. He recently found out that he has ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum. This explains a lot and Nathan is currently questioning everything he has ever done. Throughout his soul searching Nathan remains a strong survivor with a great attitude and a lot of appreciation for what he has.  Nat is a creative person who loves music and art! Here he is standing...

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March 2019's Favorite Swan Princess Fan The Original Swan Princess will always hold a special place in Avitha's heart. She shows her love of the movies by the beautiful fan art she creates of Swan Princess Characters!    Of all the Swan Princess characters, Avitha has the greatest connection with Queen Uberta. She feels they both often get overlooked even though they are bright and capable people. We love our Queen Uberta and this talented fan!  In 2017, Avitha placed number one in the The Swan Princess Fan Art Contest with these amazing pieces: Generation Up              ...

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February 2019's Favorite Swan Princess Fan Joshua Orro has been a Swan Princess fan since he watched the first film on Netflix in 2004. He immediately fell in love with it and many of the sequels that followed. Joshua was born and raised in California. Friends and family describe him as cheerful, friendly, optimistic, and reliable. He is also goal oriented and has achieved his Eagle Scout award. Joshua loves to serve others by doing internships and volunteer jobs in his community. He enjoys working in customer service jobs where he gets plenty of opportunity to help people. Joshua hopes...

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